you have to start somewhere!

Mutt and I came up for the idea of living in a Tiny House about 6 months ago, though I think really this plan has been forming since the beginning of our relationship.  We have always talked about boat life, and love the idea of moving to the Caribbean some day to join Mutts love for marine life and my love for hospitality to create a charter vacation business.  One day while watching a documentary about a Colorado boy building his own Tiny House, something struck a cord and the idea of Our Tiny House was born.  We thought this would be a fantastic stepping stone to realizing bigger dreams.  Our House has become a symbol in our lives, for living small, living within our means, having what we need not taking too much not leaving any behind.  We hope to live in our house, save money and use this opportunity to live a conscious and responsible lifestyle both for ourselves and our world.



After much debate and research about what type of truck to go with and whether we wanted to build an RV style home or a Tiny House style home, we decided on a beefy truck with a Tiny House on the back!


out with the old, in with the new!


Mutt, does it again!

The first thing we acquired was our Truck, Bertha! Mutt had previously purchased an 1963 Ford Pickup that we were able to Trade for our 1970 International Farm Truck! After an alternator change and a new battery she runs like new and you should hear the horn on this thing! (video to follow) Mutt ripped up the old wooden bed and we’re getting ready to lay a new foundation….stay tuned for some updates on leveling challenges….


just some of the framing we’ve received

In the early stages of this project James was working for a decking company. That allowed us to start a collection of building materials.  At first we were just using craiglist and the decking company to slowly gather a few things here and there.  Through that we were able to find: a front door, bathroom door, insulation, and cabinet fronts.  With these few things gathered it was all starting to become real. We took a little break and headed home to the east coast to visit our families in October.  After telling everyone what we were up to and got such amazing feed back and support, we returned to CO more energized and focused, really ready to start tackling this project head on. Sometime in November our Tiny House Project became Mutt’s full time job.  He has always been talented at knowing a good deal and is no stranger to Craigslist as a resource.  One day he had the genus idea of, instead of waiting to see what people post on Craigslist, why don’t we put a post up listing the materials we need and see if we can generate any feedback that way.  We now have it working for us on both ends, BRILLIANT!!  The feedback and support we have received from strangers has been overwhelming at times.  People are so generous and eager to help us out.  Not only are we gathering and recycling all of this extra and otherwise trash materials but we are also meeting some really amazing people.  I can’t wait to share with you all of the stories and amazing things we are finding for Our Tiny House! So, that’s where we are right now. Using this winter to network and gather materials.  This spring we will start to build and hope to be able to move into Our Tiny House by August of 2015.

Stay tuned for another post soon! I can’t wait to show you some of the treasures we have found!



Truck Boat

This is the closest we could find to what we want Our Tiny House to look like 🙂

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3 thoughts on “you have to start somewhere!

  1. JC

    Looks like a good start guys… Can’t wait to meet Bertha up close and personal.


  2. Craig

    Dream big, leave a small footprint. Glad I could help you out. Craig


  3. Dana

    Alex, Max’s friend, might be in touch with you as he has an AWESOME tiny house parked in a driveway in Oakland, Calif. HAPPY BUILDING!


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