Is That a HOUSE You’re Building?!

Most people, including myself in years past, use Labor Day Weekend as a time to escape, relax, NOT WORK OR SCHOOL.  You know, trek to the mountains or the shore, spend time outside enjoying the last bit of summer, picnicking with loved ones, drinking beer and eating BBQ.  That is not how this years Labor Day went down at our house.  This year Labor Day proved to be just that, a day of labor!

Let me first start by saying that, this world that we live in is very small and that NONE of this would be possible without the help of our friends, neighbors, and family.  Steve is from West Chester, right near my home town of Coatesville, PA and moved to Colorado a few months ago.  We didn’t really know each other when we were both living in West Chester.  The relationship started as a friend of a friend and now he is not only taking on home improvement jobs with James but he has become a great friend and a HUGE help with Tiny House Construction.  We are so lucky that Steve has taken such an interest in our project and that someone so capable, patient, and generous has given us so much of his energy and love.  Thank you Steve, we are forever grateful to you!IMG_20150906_141033410

Labor Day Weekend was the weekend the framing started and like a puzzle the walls of the house started to come together.  This is where all of Mutt’s hard work learning how to draw on CAD (a computer design program) and many hours measuring and drawing out the house really started to pay off.  The advantage of using CAD is that the house is already built.  Now that its time to use wood and screws, the measurements are already done!  Mutt is able to know exactly how much of each material we need and from that point he is just reconstructing the drawing.  Most of the 2×6’s used to build the framing are recycled from a construction site.  These boards were left over from a huge neighborhood going up in the area and Mutt and Steve liberated them from their destiny of corporate toil.  *of course with permission from the foreman, and a few PBR’s 😉IMG_20150906_143107751


Just like everyone told me, this house is going up in rapid speed! After a long Saturday, Sunday and Monday of building we had 3 walls for the main level erect and the three walls for the loft built but not attached.  The loft was a few step process.  First it had to be framed, then it had to be removed from the truck (WITH THE HELP OF OUR AWESOME ROOMIES! Thanks again,as usual, WE COULD NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU) It took 5 of us to remove the loft from over the cab of the truck, and sit it in the driveway.  The loft frame sat there for a few days until we could get is sheathed, stained, and water proofed.IMG_20150907_171036501_HDRIMG_20150911_104506664

Every single day Mutt comes home from work and works for a few more hours on the house.  In the days after the framing he was able to get the sheathing up on the rest of the house, put in a few windows, and wrap the house in Tyvek. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, its crunch time with the Tiny House so every hour of every day counts.  Not only is Mutt spending time building but the Craigslist-ing continues.  He was IMG_20150907_130325221able to find and track down all of our cedar siding, reclaimed from Gary in Monument for $.25/linear foot compared to the $3-4/ linear foot the it would have cost from a store.  We are also lucky to have a friend working at a lumber yard.  He was able to hook us up with a great deal on cedar beams for the roof and two really beefy 6×6’s to use as loft supports that will be attached to the front bumper! It’s going to look so amazing, like a cute little cedar cabin on the back of a beefy 1970’s farm truck! It’s the things dreams are made of, THANKS MATT!

                    This past weekend Mutt, Steve, and I IMG_20150919_110431222_HDRput the bay window in and Mutt spent some hours framing it in this week.  We had a huge crew over on Saturday to help put the loft back on the truck.  This project however, does not move forward without a few setbacks.  After we got the loft back on the truck Mutt had a plan to get the radiant heat tubing in asap.  Then the sub floor could go down and the loft walls up this past weekend.  Instead, while he was screwing down the last of the sub floor despite his meticulous measuring and careful placement of each screw, he missed a mark and drilled a hole in the tubing.  NOT a good thing, the hot water wont stay in the tubing if there is a hole! Mutt was stressed that the mistake might set him back a week but he refused to let it keep him down.  He was encouraged by friendly customer service when he went to get the pieces to fix the tubing and Steve generously donating his time.  Mutt’s spirits were also lifted by a surprise power tool gift from his Pops, THANKS PARKER! And a big THANK YOU to both of our families for all of your continued support and love through this project!Mutt figured out a way to fix the problem and a few days ago with help from Steve he was able to fix the mistake, get the sub floor down and, the loft walls up!! It was surreal to see the loft walls up.

This is indeed a tiny house my friends.  One of my favorite parts of this project is getting to know people along the way and enjoying the conversation we get to have with excited onlookers as they pass by.  We’ve started to have several people pull over in our neighborhood to get out of their cars and talk to us about the Tiny House.  Some people have questions for us, comments, or their own stories to tell.  It seems some days that its a part of the community, we share the excitement.  The conversations we get to start and have with people change this from just a personal experience to one we get to share.  It gives the Tiny House more life than we could have ever imagined when we started this project.

IMG_20150921_194428560With each step complete it becomes more real that we are going to be living in 150 sq.ft.  We are that much closer to living a life of simplicity.  We are just doing our best to lessen our negative impact on the environment and the world.  I believe with my whole heart that life is that simple.  You live and you learn, you take what you need and not what you don’t.  You be kind to one another and our Earth and, you LOVE.  You spread your love out into the world so that the world may shine brighter.  This Tiny House is fun, its exciting, in all of this hype it is my hope that the message of living small to dream big is not lost.  To live within our means so that we are not restricted by the confines of what society and the world will let you believe you need to survive.  I believe living this lifestyle will free me to do my life’s work and not restrict me by possessions and unnecessary stresses.   Please stay tuned as more building is being done every day and I explore what it means and will mean in the future to LIVE LIFE TINY and DREAM BIG DREAMS.

Until next time, Much LOVE!



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One thought on “Is That a HOUSE You’re Building?!

  1. Ou

    You are all amazing, I’m so proud of you !!!!! Love, Ou


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